Re-Elect Al McNeil

I ran for sheriff in 2014 with a simple platform: reduce violent crime, more crime prevention and community outreach, and more deputies on the street. The people of Lyon County put their faith in me.

Here’s my progress report:

During the past three years we have made significant forward progress and I am proud of the many accomplishments of the agency.

While still under economic hardships from the housing crash, we reallocated resources and built collaborative partnerships that brought mental health services into the jail to reduce recidivism, established a Mobile Outreach Safety Team helping citizens before they became involved in the criminal justice system, positioned three School Resource Officers to increase children school safety and is changing the law enforcement-public relationships for future generations, and brought in 21st Century technologies to enhance delivery of services for all of our citizens.

I believe our success has been a combination of the three philosophical strategies implemented after assuming office, which included community-oriented policing, intelligence-led policing, and restorative justice practices.

Moving forward, I want to build upon the successes and continue moving forward. We must develop strategies to change behaviors that lead to domestic violence and bullying. Much of the aggressive behavior starts in the home and bleeds over into our playgrounds and beyond. If we want to be the most desirable county in the nation to live in, we must put an end to this type of behavior.”

Sheriff Al McNeil