Meet Al McNeil

Al with BagpipesSheriff Al McNeil has dedicated his entire adult life to service, which began standing on yellow footprints at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego in 1982, serving his country for the next 21 years, and eventually being elected as the 22nd Sheriff of Lyon County in 2014.

McNeil and his wife chose Lyon County after retiring from the Marine Corp as the place to raise their 5 children, and now two of his three grandchildren are native Nevadans, calling it home. McNeil has been at the sheriff’s office in Lyon County for over 16 years.

McNeil’s overseas military experiences provides greater understanding of what unrestricted methamphetamine and heroin trafficking can do to a community and the violence it will produce if not suppressed. Many of these life lessons were learned in 1994 as part of a Special Purpose MAGTF deployment that trained Peruvian military combating Narcoterrorism against the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).

Al with Moose

McNeil is known for his visibility and approachability in uniform at community events. He maintains an open-door policy and is strongly committed to public engagement aimed at identifying resolutions for issues. As sitting member on the State of Nevada’s Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice, he participates in regional cooperative efforts to reduce the impact of the mental health crisis and has participated in local service organizations including the Northern Nevada Veteran’s Coalition, Rotary International, American Legion, and others.

His popular weekly social media postings provided a community educational platform and helped restore trust and confidence in their law enforcement.